Hollidaysburg 2035

A Comprehensive Plan for the Borough


The Borough of Hollidaysburg is preparing a "Roadmap to 2035" to address community development, local infrastructure and services, and related issues.


Join the conversation to discuss your concerns and ideas for solutions. The planning team wants to hear from residents, businesses, and even visitors. Presentations with Q&A sessions and informal surveys are planned. See the schedules below.


As the Planning Committee reaches consensus on the issues and opportunities and future direction for the plan, we'll share reports here—providing a preview of plan elements before the draft plan is released for public review and comment.


E-mail the planning team at ideas@hollidaysburgpa2035.com


What is this comprehensive plan about? Who will use it?

A comprehensive plan articulates a vision for community development and the goals and objectives that will help achieve that vision. It considers issues and opportunities relevant to the community over a 10-year planning horizon. It includes an action plan of policies, projects, and practices aligned with the goals. After adoption, the plan is implemented through ordinances, capital improvements, and local initiatives.

Who leads the plan's development?

Borough Council has established a Planning Committee and engaged a consultant, Gannett Fleming, Inc., of Camp Hill, PA, to facilitate data-gathering, outreach, analysis, and decision-making to prepare the plan. The Planning Committee and consultant team will invite the public and other stakeholders to give input and feedback at key points in the process. The Borough Planning Commission will review the draft plan and Borough Council will adopt the final plan.

Why update the 2005 plan?

Comprehensive plans are normally updated every 10 years to ensure they remain relevant as local conditions, regional factors, and state regulations change. In addition, while overall goals may still be relevant, the actions recommended 15 years ago may warrant fresh approaches.

What is the schedule?

The planning effort was underway by August 2021 and a draft plan is expected by Spring 2022. Public review will include public meetings hosted by the Planning Commission and Borough in Summer 2022. Interim milestones will include public presentations and Q&A sessions, informal surveys, stakeholder focus groups, and publication of two interim reports and a full draft plan, to be provided via this website.

Why do you need my help?

The best community plans reflect input from a wide range of perspectives, and we want yours! Whether you live in, work in, or visit Hollidaysburg, your concerns and ideas for enhancing the borough are important. You can help us identify problems (and opportunities!) with housing, workforce and jobs, transportation (roads, sidewalks, bicycle routes, bus service), resource protection, etc., and help evaluate the best ways to address these issues.

How do I get involved?
  • Drop in to public meetings, scheduled for October and November. A few minutes of your time expands our understanding of issues and the pool of potential solutions.
  • E-mail the project team your concerns and ideas.
  • Review the draft plan when it is released in Spring 2022.
  • Share this website with your neighbors and check back for updates.